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Bored as hell  
06:58pm 10/04/2009
Oh, my Vivienne...!
Attention all!

Give me a list of people, I don't care who it is, man or woman is fine too. Just a name or a list (max 10 people per person) and if I get a good collection of names, the next post I make, I'll post what I deem to be the sexiest picture I can find of each person named.

OK, go XD
mood: deviousdevious
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06:11pm 10/04/2009 (UTC)
yasu! (it's gonna be hard to pick one)
gabriel sylar, character from heroes xddd
lee hyori (lee hyo lee), korean singer.

these came up to my mind as randomly as they could, so i'm curious what you'll find.
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07:51pm 10/04/2009 (UTC)
I-talian Rapscallion: 腰くれえぇぇ!!!
Kiyoshi, hide, shuji,
shou from alice nine.
picword: 腰くれえぇぇ!!!
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09:08pm 10/04/2009 (UTC)
I-talian Rapscallion: 腰くれえぇぇ!!!
hitsugi, shuse, hyde, KIYO

fuck it I'm using all 10 lmao
picword: 腰くれえぇぇ!!!
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